About Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke is a podcast produced by creative women in Arizona to help inspire and promote more art in the Valley. The podcast focuses on groundbreaking women who are starting fires in the film, photography, writing, comedy, and other art scenes of Arizona.

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Podcast Hosts:


Jamee Lind

Jamee Lind has consistently chosen the most opposing topics and combined them into one, much like her current role as a facts-based writer and a digital creator. She has dabbled in several media roles as a local breaking news reporter, a digital productions intern for MTV, a reporter at the Rio 2016 Olympics, and most recently has focused on producing The Arizona Daily Briefing newsletter. Having served time both in front of and behind the camera, she aspires to become a professional storyteller. Her interests in media correlate with her focus and passion to make sure that everyone has access to local information and feels included in the community that they reside in. Her dream is to be paid to eat cookies in front of her computer while occasionally writing thought-provoking pieces.


Raina Bowers

Raina Bowers is a native Phoenician graduating in May 2017 with a BA in filmmaking from ASU. After 6 years in theatre, she found her love for film when first enrolling in college. She works on indie films all over the Valley as a producer, director, and script supervisor, while also working as a freelance wedding/event videographer. She directed the comedy show Tempe Late Night on the ASU campus for 2 years, and also works on the MarComm team at the Greater Phoenix Economic Council as their videographer and editor. Raina aspires to be a documentarian and plans to study documentary filmmaking at grad school. Traveling is her number one hobby, although going to the movies, taking photos, and eating cookies are all tied for second.